Friday, February 22, 2008

What's The Buzz All About?

Exploring this site, I found that it is a great community where members go to share videos, discover new videos, and make money watching those videos.

Members can add videos to BuzzShed, then other members will rate those videos using the Buzz or Bury rating system. This, in turn, will create a buzz to those videos that really rock, and burying the rest.

So, I recommend that if your hunting for quality videos, then you need to be signing up at BuzzShed. The higher up a video is, the more buzz it has received in the browse pages. The front page that all visitors see are the top videos being promoted.

Now, for the best part, as a member of BuzzShed, you’ll get paid to watch videos! Some members actually are advertisers that pay other members to watch their videos. So, you see, its not just another social bookmarking for videos.

So, what are you waiting for? Get over to BuzzShed right now and start watching the videos and making some money to boot.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here is Money Making That Really Works

Take the time to go through each step in this post. What you will realize is that it really doesn't take much effort for this concept to work. So, go ahead, give it a try. Then, when you start bringing in the money, post here and let us know. I will do the same.

C'mon people!!! How difficult is it to sign up for free and get credited $100 instantly?!! Don't let this pass you by!

*The COMPANY pays everyone!*
** NO MONEY is paid from person to person.
** THERE ARE NO reports to buy or read.
** YOU don't have to SELL anything!
** YOU get MONEY (100 bucks!) RIGHT AWAY!

STEP 1# Listed below are three sign-up URLs & email addresses. Sign up
at under the first ID and you'll get $100 just for

STEP 2# Send a blank email to the third person on the list with the
Subject line: "I signed up under #1."

Step #3 Copy this info, delete the #1 person, MOVE THE OTHER TWO UP AND
INSERT YOUR INFORMATION AT THE BOTTOM, in the #3 position. Make sure
you put in YOUR new URL and YOUR email address correctly.

Step #4. Now, send this letter to as many people as you can until you
receive 6 emails saying, "I signed up under #1". (That's it, only 6
responses, not 9, or 10 or 20...just 6!) This puts $350.00 into your PayPal
account. (If you don't have a PayPal account, go to the website below
and get one).
When your address gets to the #1 position, you will have 150 people
signed up under you! You only need 6 to make this work!!

Not bad, but it's ONLY the beginning. A short, (very short) time later,
each of those 150 people will have 150 people signed up under them, and
so on.

After the 3rd Level is done you are IN THE MONEY! Rich Mail pays YOU
for everyone that subscribes UNDER you...and it adds up fast! (They make
their money from their advertisers.)

Calculation of earnings:

YOU sign up = $100.00

Your personal sign ups - 6 x $25 = $150.00

First Level - 36 x $25 = $900.00

Second Level - 1296 x $25 = $32,400.00

Third Level - 46656 x $4 = $186,624.00

You're total earnings - $220,174.00 for signing up 6!

Not bad for 15 minutes work don't you agree?

Cost to You: NOTHING but the 15 minutes to make this happen!

Here is the list:


Work at home @



Work at home @


Work at home @



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Article Stars Review

Ok, everyone knows that if you have a website or a blog, the only way it will be successful is if people know it exists. You need to generate traffic, get the word out everywhere. There are so many different ways to drive traffic to your site but I have found that Article Stars has been the most powerful and most effective way to advertise.

First off, you will find that this method is incredibly simple and easy to start implementing right away. Alright, so you're wondering what my definition of easy is, right? Well, if you were able to watch over a successful person's shoulder everything they did on their computer screen, would you be able to learn faster? To actually see it with your own eyes how this magically works? I know that I learn more from watching someone else doing it than trying to figure it out in a book.

Secondly, I'm going to tell you exactly what you'll get with Article Stars that makes this so successful. You are going to get videos for competitive searches. These will be step-by-step on screen videos from a professional. You will be able to view these videos online so you can get started right away. You'll also get details you will need to get serious traffic to your website or blog, unique methods to Super Charge your article to get traffic and sales. This will all work on auto pilot. To top off everything you get, there is one more surprise, how about personal support from the professional himself?

I have to give this product a thumbs up because it is easy to use and very simple to implement. There is no guesswork involved. Its all in one package to help you get your website or blog noticed and achieve financial success.